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Detective: Petty Officers

Sometimes everyone needs a break, even special agents.

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Sometimes everyone needs a break, even special agents. They come home with a desperate need of a hug. Especially if it’s a hug from someone hairy, with a damp nose and a wagging tail. But hugs aren’t their only speciality. They can also solve a criminal investigation... Petty Officers is an expansion to the legendary crime board game Detective by Ignacy Trzewiczek. The expansion was written by famous Mike Selinker, together with Liz Spain, Skylar Woodies and the Lone Shark Games team. But this time pets join the Antares investigative team!

Cleo the Tabby, Hola the Parrot, Texas the German Shepherd, Betty the Beagle and Albino Ferret named Snowflake — the solving of many issues would be impossible without them. You will use new Pet tokens that will allow you to reduce Stress or use the unique abilities, such as looking for a clue, intimidating or bewitching suspects. The Decide Now! actions will become a priority in which you’ll have to make a quick decision under time pressure. Remember! Every minute counts. The culprit must be caught...

... and the pets need to be taken for a walk! 

A DETECTIVE: A MODERN CRIME BOARD GAME base game is required to play.


  •   The expansion to the legendary game Detective by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Imperial Setters, Robinson, Stronghold);
  •   New Pets characters that will help to solve the case with their unique abilities; 
  •   Go out into the field after reading just three pages of the rulebook and unravel the incredible investigation!
podstawowe informacje

Liczba graczy: 1-5 osób

Wiek: od 14 lat

Czas gry: ok. 90-120 minut

Wydawca: Portal Games

Projektant:  Mike SelinkerSkylar WoodiesLiz Spain

Wydanie: angielskie

Instrukcja: angielska


Zawartość pudełka (content): 

  •   1 Lead card deck (1 Cover card and 35 Lead cards)
  •   1 Pet Badge
  •   1 Rulebook


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